Download the McCarl's capabilities brochure.
Download the McCarl's capabilities brochure.

System Solutions

McCarl's offers a wide variety of equipment and services to save you money and reduce your maintenance requirements - including the following systems:

Honeywell DDC Controls
"EXCEL® 5000 OPEN System Architecture"

Not your typical generic, "made to fit" DDC Controls. This system from Honeywell is designed from the start to allow use of a wide range of control points, sequencing activities, capacities and budgets. The system is easy to use and extremely versatile.

All EXCEL ® 5000 Systems include LonMark®-based protocol: the standard in building controls. With these systems, you are able to control the building environment from a Windows-based PC, or from an off-site location.

Honeywell is known for quality products. The EXCEL system, with a proven track-record, is a smart and reliable solution for your system needs.

Honeywell SymmetrE™ Building Management System

The Honeywell SymmetrE™ building management system redefines what you can expect from monitoring and control of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment. The scalable, open SymmetrE ™ system brings your building's occupant needs, operational issues and budget pressures into perfect balance. You get an unparalleled solution that helps simplify facility management, boost productivity and reduce costs.

The SymmetrE™ system's full line of capabilities can be accessed directly from your desktop. Also, third-party subsystems can be directly integrated, without the use of add-on software.

The SymmetrE™ system provides:

  • Data collection in intervals from one second to one day
  • Standard and customized reports
  • Historical records of all event information and operator actions
  • Access to Internet and Intranet information without leaving the display
  • Trending Capabilities
  • Ability to retrieve and analyze archived data

The bottom line: The Honeywell SymmetrE™ system helps you do more with fewer resources. It provides a powerful new way to optimize your operations and reduce your operating costs.

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