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We work with the largest regional healthcare providers, and while the medical industry is constantly evolving in its regulations, technologies, and patient preferences, patient welfare and staff comfort and productivity remain at heart. Your professional buildings impact the quality of care and community perceptions, which is why maintaining optimal conditions throughout patient rooms, imaging areas, labs and surgical suites is critical.

Indoor temperature is one of the most common sources of dissatisfaction, and according to the World Health Organization, proper ventilation is an essential part of the health and safety of everyone in your facility. Our approach ensures constant control over air quality, creating a comfortable healing environment for patients, staff, and families.

  • 0.81 average EMR rate in the last 3 years, comparative to industry average of 1.0

  • <1 OSHA Total Recordables per year since 2015, comparative to industry average of 3.58

  • 100% Quality assurance

  • Detailed documentation, drug storage operations & maintenance logs

  • All proper clearances & background checks

  • Thorough experience in lab testing, clean rooms, drug refrigeration & blood storage, pharmaceuticals, and senior communities

  • 24/365 Coverage & 2-hr response time

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