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All businesses benefit from high quality HVACR systems, but for some retail industries such as grocery, it’s vital. Customers expect total comfort when browsing your products, so you need a top-notch, reliable HVACR system. With inventory being the biggest expense to a store owner, it is crucial that your systems remain operating in order to maximize food quality and minimize waste. McCarl’s highly trained professionals will work with you to obtain an effective and efficient HVACR solution to ensure your inventory stays protected and your customers remain comfortable.

  • 0.81 average EMR rate in the last 3 years, comparative to industry average of 1.0

  • <1 OSHA Total Recordables per year since 2015, comparative to industry average of 3.58

  • Rack refrigeration systems & cases, maintenance & design

  • Ammonia Certified

  • Certified in supermarket control systems

  • Highly trained technicians with 15+ yrs experience in commercial refrigeration

  • Minimized downtime & product loss

  • 24/365 Coverage & 2-hr response time

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