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Providing A Visual Look Into Your Building’s Mechanical Operation

All businesses need HVAC, and your system’s efficiency is critical to your building’s operational costs. Control systems are the heart of your HVAC system, monitoring interior conditions and automatically responding to its changes to provide continuous comfort and energy efficiency. Ideal for buildings of all sizes, our innovative control systems help reduce installation, maintenance and activation costs, while improving energy efficiency and maximizing your overall building comfort for occupants.

Our team of experienced technicians will work with you to design, install and maintain your control system at peak efficiency, 24/7.

Benefits of Using Control Systems Include:

  • Automation & efficiency — no need to manually adjust settings daily to control your building environment
  • Protection — real-time monitoring of heating, cooling and humidity which can notify of a pending failure before it occurs, potentially saving key components from replacement
  • Reduced operating costs — monitor performance, optimal equipment run times and their settings
  • Increased comfort and productivity — achieve properly conditioned air, correct exchange of CO2 and filtration monitoring to ensure the best indoor air quality possible
  • Safer environments — automated fire safety and emergency responses
  • Analytics — on-demand reporting provides troubleshooting guidance and recommendations for system changes that improve efficiency and reduce energy usage

Controls for Building Automation

There is a world full of many different control systems manufacturers.  While all are similar, they are not created equal.  To complicate things further, many are considered proprietary and aim to protect the CONTRACTOR over the CUSTOMER.  Our solution is different.  We want customers to have choice, so we prefer to only offer systems that are considered “OPEN” and allow our customers to choose their provider instead of being forced to use them.

The first question we are asked in the age of DDC Control systems is usually “Can you work on MY system.”  We pride ourselves on being able to work on many different brand names, including some systems considered to be proprietary.  Todays systems also have the ability to integrate between manufacturers, allowing us the opportunity to review with our clients the costs of continuing with their legacy system compared with a changeover to a modern system.

Allow us the opportunity to discuss your unique situation and review your challenges and turn them into opportunities.



Dampers, valves & actuators Energy meters & solutions
HVACR controllers Panels
Sensors Economizers & ventilation controls
Commercial thermostats Variable frequency drives
Critical environment controls Wall modules
Airflow control Remote temperature controls

Carrier I-VU Automation

While we service many brand named systems, our go-to system is the Carrier I-VU Automation Product. This system has many benefits as outlined below:

  • Fully functioned building automation

  • Scalability as a cost competitive small building solution

  • Modern graphical interface

  • Intuitive control allowing customers to self-manage basic system changes

  • Strong reporting and trending for informed building decisions

  • Non-proprietary giving customer choice in choosing their service provider

  • No expensive client annual fees or expensive forced updates

  • Ability to integrate with existing fire, lighting, and security systems

Total Transparency

Every client is provided no-cost access to a private client portal with both up-to-date information on your services as well as historical information specific to your site.

Assessment reports Pending project proposals
Preventative maintenance schedule by location Links to building automation systems
Historical repairs with cost Pending building automation proposals
Refrigerant log Utility tracking graphics dashboard
Pending quotes for repair work Energy reports and proposals
Project status board Work ticket system
Capital plan for equipment replacement McCarl’s Services Inc. contact and support list
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